Hussain Najadi 1938-2013

Mr. Pascal Najadi

Mr. Pascal Najadi is the Founder President of the international private Swiss Merchant Banking Advisory firm Najadi & Partners Ltd., Zug, Switzerland. In the highly specialized field of marine technology Pascal acts as the Strategic Advisor to Mr. Fabio Buzzi, the Founder-President of FB Design sarl, the world leader in Fast Navy & Special Forces Interceptors.

During 2011-2012, Pascal was a Strategic Advisor to Fidelity Bank, Ghana and a Member of the Supervisory Board, Director and General Representative of Investment Advisors Zurich AG and Singapore. In the field of Aerospace he was the Chief Representative and Strategic Adviser for BOMBARDIER Aerospace and Regional Aircraft in Vietnam.

Prior to that he was a Director with Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, the former Investment Banking arm of Dresdner Bank AG, today part of Commerzbank AG, advising Governments on their Debt & Capital Markets Strategies as the Head of Emerging Markets Central Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Between 1993 until 1997 he was a Vice President & Co-Head of the Central and Eastern Europe Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch & Co., London and Zurich.

And as the Head for Swiss-Franc Debt Capital Markets 1991 he started his Investment Banking career advising Sovereigns and Corporates at Swiss Volksbank, Switzerland. During 1989 he worked as PR & Media Relations Assistant and Account Executive with Mr. Klaus Stoehlker the founder President of Switzerland's leading Public Relations firm, Klaus J. Stoehlker AG, Zurich. He started his international correspondent relationship banking career at UBS AG, Zurich Switzerland in 1988 in the department within the Management Board office assisting in responsibilities for the bank in their banking and trade relations with the former Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc States. Pascal is a Swiss national born and raised in Switzerland. His grand grand uncle from his Swiss mothers side was Rudolf Minger, Switzerland's Chancellor during WW2. His late father Hussain Najadi founded his business 1974 in Malaysia and eventually made it one of that country’s biggest financial institutions: AmBank, with a market capitalisation of USD 16 billion.

Pascal Najadi completed several years of courses within the Swiss Air Force & Air Defence. He earned his Economics and Management degrees (VSH) at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is a Member of The Russian Singapore Business Council. Since February 2015 Pascal Najadi is the first International Public Board Member and Donor of Factor GMO, The world’s largest and most comprehensive study on GMO and pesticide safety.

Mr. Paul Dennison

Paul began his career in investment banking in July 1977 when he joined the London trading desk of Credit Suisse First Boston Limited. In January 1984 he moved to Merrill Lynch in London where he was initially responsible for the floating rate note business and subsequently the Managing Director responsible for fixed income syndicate in all regions outside of the Americas. He was also the co-head of Debt Capital Markets Origination for all regions outside the Americas and a member of the Executive Management Committee for Merrill Lynch Europe, Middle East and Africa. In January 1999 Paul left Merrill Lynch’s London offices and moved to Zurich. In January 1999, Paul joined Deutsche Bank in Switzerland as Managing Director and was the Branch Manager of the bank’s full branch in Switzerland.

In February 2004, Paul Dennison co-founded, and began working for, Sloan Asset Management AG, a Zurich-based investment advisory and asset management company, regulated as a financial intermediary in Switzerland and also licensed as an investment advisor by the Securities Exchange Commission in the USA.

Paul had been running Investment Advisors Zurich AG concurrently since March 2009 and in November 2010 he resigned his directorship in SAM AG in order to dedicate his attention to Investment Advisors Zurich AG and its new subsidiary in Singapore. Paul Dennison relocated to Singapore in 2010 to manage the main operating subsidiary, Investment Advisors Zurich (Singapore) Pte Ltd., which in 2013 he also sold.

Since 2013 Paul has acted as director or advisor to various businesses, but is mostly focused on outbound private investment by Chinese corporations into Europe and the USA where the buyers are seeking the achieve Western technology and a greater presence in foreign markets.

Mr. Joel Lautier

Mr. Joel Lautier is a trusted business partner and a Senior Advisor to Najadi & Partners AG. Joel is the CEO and founder of his own Merchant Banking M&A Advisory firm RGG Capital, Moscow, the Russian Federation.

He is also the founder and first Chairman of the M&A Working Group of the AEB (Association of European Businesses in Russia) established in 2010, with more than 150 member companies.

Key expertise: preparation, full support and carrying out of M&A transactions in Europe, Russia, CIS and overseas countries, large experience in carrying out both acquisitions of foreign assets by Russian companies (Russia Goes Global), and acquisitions of Russian assets by foreign companies (Russian Market Entry).

Graduate of Executive Education Program, Wharton Business School, Philadelphia. Executive MBA graduate at SKOLKOVO - Moscow School of Management.

Chess career: Grandmaster Chess world champion among young men (1988.), The best player in France for 15 years (until 2004)., A quarter-finalist of the World Championship (2001)., He maintains positive balance in personal chess competition meetings with Chess Champion Kasparov from 10 parties winner of over 40 international tournaments.

Mr. Frank Roesler

Mr. Frank Roesler is a German Citizen from the State of Bavaria and holds a Dipl. Phys. Univ. (Theoretical Physics) degree from the Technical University in Munich(Germany). He also studied law at the University of Hagen and is today accredited as Patent Attorney, European Trademark Attorney and European Design Attorney. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot License and logged more than 10'000 flight hours.

Since 1991 he is sworn in Expert Witness and Court Surveyor in Germany covering cases of aircraft accidents and aviation technology. After his studies he worked as scientist in the field of atmospheric research (1986 - 1990). From 1990 until 1999 Frank was the Director of the Scientific Flight Operations at the German Center of Aerospace Research DLR.

In 1999 Frank joined DaimlerChrysler AG (today Daimler AG) as founding President and CEO to built Europeans most successful Executive Airline: "DaimlerChrysler Aviation" out of the Stuttgart International Airport as their Global Flight Operations Headquarters. After the spin off of Chrysler from Daimler AG in 2007, Frank founded the law firm RÖSLER RASCH & Partners, Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law where he today is senior partner. He is also the founder of the consulting firm "C4 Asset Management Consulting" and is her CEO and member of the Board.

Frank has substantial experience in the fields of science and technology, aviation, international business development, strategic management, project planning and evaluation, intellectual property law, strategic intellectual property management and general law. Over the years he also has built an effective and high level expert network in his fields. Frank is working successfully with Pascal Najadi since over twenty years on strategic technology related advisory mandates.

Mr. Oliver Meier

Mr. Oliver Meier is the Founder, majority shareholder & President of Metropolitan Airlines based in Zurich, Switzerland and a Senior Advisor to Najadi & Partners AG, Zug, Switzerland.

He has substantial airline operations, airline consulting and strategic management experience for over more than 20 years. Oliver started his airline career in 1997 after completing his airline pilot training with Swissair Aviation Training in Zurich, Switzerland.

In 2003, after comprehensive aviation sector studies he wrote his master thesis on; "Causes of success and failure of start-up low- cost airlines". In that year he was awarded a Master’s Degree in Air Transport Management by the City University London, Great Britain.

Oliver founded the air transport advisory firm Aviacore in 2007. Today Aviacore is identifying investment opportunities in the airline industry and in aviation related business sectors. The company is investing and supporting aviation projects from the early stage of development. In addition Aviacore provides specialized advice and services in the field of airline operations and strategy. Najadi & Partners AG is a strategic partner to Aviacore.

Until July 2014 Oliver was an Operations Executive and Airbus 330 Captain with Emirates Airline in Dubai. In that position he was responsible for all technical, operational and safety aspects of the Airbus A330/A340 Fleet. Further responsibilities included the operational integration of the first Emirates Airbus A319 Corporate Jet and the set-up of ‘Emirates Executive’ Flight Operations.

In 2012 Oliver was assessed and selected for the Emirates Airline/ DNATA Group ‘high-potential’ program where he completed the ‘Executive Leadership Development Program’ in conjunction with Warwick University in the U.K.

Mr. Maurice Herren

Mr. Maurice Herren is a Swiss Citizen and a trusted business partner to Najadi & Partners. He is the former Chief Inspector of the Financial Criminal Brigade of the Geneva Police from 2001 until 2006. Prior to this, 1976 until and up to 2006 he was the Geneva Police CID Inspector for the sections: Special Investigations, Criminal Brigade, Spokesperson of the Canton of Geneva Police, Special Branch of the CID attached to the International Airport of Cointrin-Geneva and the Financial Crimes Brigade of the Canton of Geneva Police. He is a Senior Specialist Advisor on special investigations and forensic financial industry investigations for clients that fell victim to financial crimes. Maurice is also specialised in matters relating to anti money laundering investigations on behalf of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Maurice is fluent in French, Spanish, German, English and Italian.

Mrs. Ksenia Chistyakova

Mrs. Ksenia Chistyakova is the majority shareholder and CEO of Saint Petersburg Russia domiciled company Actual Geology Ltd. www. Since its inception back in 1992 by her late father Viktor Chistyakov the surveying services company provides successfully geology services in exploration and development of oil, gas, minerals and other natural resources. It is the first and only one in the Russian Federation that has developed, patented and introduced the practice of exploration work operative method of Helium (He) survey.

Actual Geology offers an integrated exploration strategy by detecting an amplified level of gas indicating the existence of hydrocarbon accumulations - Helium. The main objective of the Helium survey is to localize and delineate so called 'sweet spots' for exploration, prospecting, development of the new oil and gas reservoirs and re-development of existing ones. Actual Geology offers a different sight to the geological exploration overall, implementing its new technologies on all the stages of the license block development. Over 180 projects have been successfully completed with over 2'000 wells analysed by the team of experts at Actual Geology. The main customers of the company include amongst many others Russia's largest oil & gas conglomerates such as Rosneft, Gazprom and Lukoil.

At Najadi & Partners Ksenia is a member of the Senior Advisory Board assisting clients both in Russia and abroad in oil & gas prospecting mandates and related projects. Ksenia has a obtained a Master of Geochemistry at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. She is fluent in Russian and English.

Mr. Denis Krysanov

Mr. Denis Krysanov is a trusted partner and Senior Advisor at Najadi & Partners AG. He is the founder and owner President of FIRST LINK Group of Companies He is a shareholder in 15 companies with offices/branches in Singapore, Finland, Russian Federation, UAE and the UK. Denis has graduated with Honors from the Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation in 2001. He is specialised in the sectors of high-tech security systems, IT and Oil related technologies. Denis is fluent in Russian, English and Finnish.

Mr. Joe Fernandez

Joe Fernandez is Senior Adviser for Strategic Communications at Najadi & Partners. He has a honours degree in Management (majoring in Economics) from the Open University of Malaysia. He trained professionally as a journalist and has been in the media field writing for News Agencies and Daily Newspapers for over three decades. Besides journalism and editorial consultancy work, he assists those who want to Appear in Person in Court for out of court settlements or opt for Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods i.e. Tribunals. He has been drafting such cases since 2010, based on experience in court reporting. As Bureau Chief for the Manila-based DEPTHnews/Data Asia and Press Foundation of Asia (PFA) Representative in Kuala Lumpur, he also wrote for The Economist in London. Joe Fernandez is a Malaysian Citizen. He is fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu.