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Najadi & Partners International Financial Regulations Practice

The G20/Financial Stability Board-led overhaul of global financial services (FS) regulation is radically reshaping the industry, starting with the largest and most internationally active groups.

The main challenges today relate to just how much change is coming at the same time and the complex competitive/co-operative drive to address issues internationally. And these pressures apply to insurers, asset managers, private equity, corporates as well as banks to gain international compliance according their business model.

Implementation demands are set to dominate investment decisions for many years to come - billions are at stake. Businesses face a fundamental dilemma of how to generate sufficient returns when both capital demands and the cost of compliance are going up. Beyond this, the new regulatory agenda has huge implications for culture, structure and organisation. Making confident decisions about how best to comply and compete in this new landscape is critical.

Najadi & Partners can help you successfully navigate through the upheaval. Recognising that what might be right for one operation may not apply to all, we bring the market-wide insight and experience to help you to assess the impact on your particular business and confidently set direction. Our services are complete solutions that can be adapted and made available to your individual needs.

Our team of qualified financial professionals offers you a wide range of services as well as support with the application and interpretation of regulatory requirements in the following areas.

Advisory Services on Regulatory Development

Provide Legal and Regulatory Driven Expert Services particularly with financial market supervisory laws and provisions.

Advisory Services on Regulatory Transformation

Impact analysis of upcoming regulations on the institutions operating model we support our clients during this transformation - from the impact assessment, the design, the implementation until the testing phase.

Various regulatory matters require the application of a more or less predefined service package (e.g. application for Regulator license; purchase of cross-border catalogs; outsourcing of compliance function; regulatory investigations).

Regulatory outsourcing becomes a critical component of financial institutions' management of their business operations and control of their costs.

Advisory Services on Financial Productivity and Optimization (cost efficiency)

Often it is an organization's financial business plan and strategy; its capital productivity framework, which drives the need for optimization. Today's businesses face a common set of challenges in three critical areas of performance management.

Companies have tried to overcome these challenges with heavy investments in enterprise resource planning software and best-of-breed software applications, and these have helped in certain areas. Yet many businesses still do not make decisions based on a fully integrated view of performance which includes the drivers, the measurements and the overall shareholder value they create.

Najadi & Partners's integrated performance management approach does just what it says: it integrates the Governance, key processes and systems required to plan, manage and measure performance while providing your business with end-to-end insight into what you're doing, how you're doing and what you should plan to do in the future.

Consolidate your approach to performance management

There are three key improvement areas within Najadi & Partners's IPM approach:

Plan, budget and forecast

Corporate plans and budgets are often too unrealistic to engage business managers and too high-level to guide investors. These issues are the result of an incomplete view of a company's overall financial strategy, and can prevent plans, budgets and forecasts from being strategically applied to drive the business and improve performance. We can help by:

To identify and focus on the key value drivers of your corporate strategy Leveraging our process design and implementation expertise, as well as our knowledge of planning tools to streamline your planning process and deliver an integrated view of financial and operational data Improving the overall effectiveness of your forecasts by running multiple business scenarios and generating rolling forecasts to ensure your business remains on-track.

Performance reporting processes

Despite ongoing efforts, most organizations continue to be saddled with inflexible reporting processes, over reliance on manual processes, and an inability to effectively leverage their data. This makes it increasingly difficult to fulfill growing compliance-reporting requirements and provide internal decision makers with accurate, current, and relevant information. We can help by:

Developing a governance structure to sustain change, standardize processes and drive common information standards Building flexible reporting and technology infrastructure. Applying vendor-agnostic advice to select the reporting tools that are right for your businessEstablishing a single version of the truth across the organization by consolidating your data to create accurate reports that link to your underlying business drivers.

Performance measurement

You cannot purposely improve something that you cannot accurately measure. By using value drivers, we can help align your measurement processes with the key activities that make your business work. Najadi & Partners can help by:

Narrowing your focus on key performance indicators Implementing a common finance information strategy Developing performance measurements that have broad significance for employees, including clear accountability and appropriate rewards Implementing balanced scorecards that cover all key value levers as well as multiple dimensions (operations, customer service, financial performance, etc.)

Improved performance management delivers clear benefits

Najadi & Partners's performance management solutions can help your organization by:

  • - Focusing on strategic execution
  • - Developing streamlined and strategically aligned budgets and forecasts
  • - Improving capital allocation decisions
  • - Aligning plans and performance measurement with shareholder value
  • - Improving visibility of key business drivers with dashboards and benchmarks
  • - Streamlining management reports to create a unified view
  • - Improving the transparency, reliability and timeliness of your data
  • - Helping motivate and retain employees with rewards linked to strategic goals

The sustainable, value-driven performance framework

With Najadi & Partners's proven methodologies, our proprietary value creation toolset and extensive cross-industry experience, we can help you implement a performance management framework that will not only improve performance, but make it measureable, sustainable and visible to investors and other key stakeholders

Najadi & Partners Advisory on Strategic Risk Management

Strategic risks have the potential to disrupt business strategy. But they can also be tremendous opportunities to achieve competitive advantage. Drawing on a range of talents with in-depth industry experience, macro trends and horizon-scanning techniques, along with advanced computer-based tools for identifying and tracking the weak signals of change, we can help your organization discover, interpret and prepare for strategic risks that can disrupt your business or industry.

Discover & Define Strategic Risks

Diagnose your current strategic assumptions, blind spots and organizational dynamics to provide fresh insight into competitive advantages, vulnerabilities and strategic risks.

Explore future trends and scenarios to understand the strategic risks they may pose. Embed strategic risk into your strategy and daily business.

Interpreting of Strategic Risks

Systematically scan for and track your strategic risks to analyse and interpret how they relate to your strategy.

Engage the owners of your organization's strategy through dashboards, workshops, simulations and events, driving action and a sense of urgency.

Define a governance structure that supports executive ownership and helps to enable timely and appropriate decision-making.

Preparation for Strategic Risks

Engage our deep, market-leading experience across risk and strategy consulting to assist you in defining and implementing an appropriate response strategy.