About Us

Harnessing the business development cycles requires strategic thought with local market assimilation and flexibility in mind - Timing is key.

We provide our clients with expert advisory and transaction services and we have in-depth knowledge on: selling companies, raising venture capital funding, management buy-outs, management buy-ins, acquisitions, mergers and corporate finance strategy, on one to one basis. We prefer to work with our global network of trusted strategic partnerships and affiliates known to us since many years.

Our team is experienced, professional and energetic. We are totally committed to our client mandates and we strive to keep them as our confident customers for the long term returning to us for repeat business.

Key Strengths

Long-standing professional experience in conducting systematic and thorough searches and in mergers & acquisitions activities. This expertise can be particularly helpful to clients seeking international strategic acquisitions, or for vendors seeking quality buyers for their businesses.

Local business understanding through international presence:

  • Understanding of markets
  • Laws & regulations
  • Business practice
  • Information policy and PR coverage

The resources of Najadi & Partners which support international acquisition assignments are equally applicable to domestic projects.

We Do Not...

...provide contributions in specialized fields of expertise rendered by outside advisors such as auditors, lawyers, tax advisors, etc;

...do not deal in any form of securities, brokerage, or placement of shares or bonds.

...provide after-closing integration support to on-going processes and subjects, such as human resources management.

...manage acquired businesses or parts of businesses, neither on an interim basis nor for turn-arounds


  • Maximum result: transaction oriented
  • Minimum time needed : no inefficient workload to Client
  • Quality : long-term relationship in view
  • No additional costs for unexpected difficulties
  • Free to step back from transaction at any time
  • Exclusive mandate
  • Small retainer to confirm commitment (50% credited against performance fee)

Operating Philosophy

Maximum Attention
We believe in a hands-on philosophy by senior dealmakers from transaction conception to closing.

A cornerstone of our approach is that of dealmaker and rainmaker - initiative, creativity and follow through.

Process Specialisation
We view ourselves as process experts in contrast to purely industry specialists, notwithstanding individual dealmaker industry experience.

We believe a systematic approach is the most effective way to successfully assist clients achieve their business objectives.